Priscila and Pamela

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Description: These two wild and frolicking Babes don't make the best nurses but they can sure put on an exciting scene. Priscila has a bald pussy and Pamela wants one. What are friends for. She lends a hand by shaving off her stubbly bush. Pamela returns the favor by treating her friend to a good pussy and asshole swabbing. Pamela, quite the wild one thinks it would grand fun to shoot milk out of each other's assholes. She takes the lead and loads up Priscila's ass with a good bulb full. She shows us all a new way to drink our milk, flavored by a good friends ass. Watch her catch the arching white streams. Pamela takes a turn at it but is not satisfied with just a bulb full. She wants the whole enema bag full and then showers the room like a fire hose., 07/27/2007