Mistress licks the maids tootsies!

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Description: Two lusty newcomers enact the timeless fantasy of mistress and maid as blonde Alina playfully lords over submissive Abie. Alina takes off her high-heeled ankle boots and notices that she needs a pedicure. Enter Abie, collared French maid style, with a nail polish kit. As Alina watches haughtily, Abie removes the old polish...but then she gets sidetracked and worships Alina's toes! We see her lick and suck between the digits, and then she dares to join her mistress on the couch! What a cheeky lass! Alina traps Abie's stocking foot between her bare ones, but then she removes Abie's dark nylons. Abie flexes her toes and then Alina sucks them. Soon their roles are forgotten as Abie rubs her stockings between Alina's buns, and then the two girls stroke their pussies with their soles. But Alina has a kinky surprise up her sleeve--or would, if she was wearing any sleeves now! The naked vixen squats over her maid's nude feet and PEES on them! Then their twenty toes are presented in closeup for our study and admiration! What WON'T girls do these days?? Soon Abie is licking the wetness off Alina's feet. Wait! We thought that was OUR job!!! After all, the enormous closeups and High Definition video make it seem as if we're right there and part of the scene!, 01/24/2011