Sheer stocking delights!

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Description: Check out a Best of HLF classic as Zafira and Deniska savor each other's feet both in and out of sheer black nylons. The entranced way Zafira looks at Deniska's stocking-sheathed foot expresses all the erotic wonderment of our fetish: isn't there something so hypnotic about seeing, close up, a lovely foot encased in such a sensuous, smooth covering?? I know I feel that way, and Zafira's expression captures it well!Zafira kisses Miss D's feet, taking them out of their interestingly designed sandals, which have serpent-like jeweled straps which wind up and around her calves. We get enormous closeups of both ladies' toes so we can inspect the polish on their nails and the very texture of their stockings. Then the gals peel off nylons and outfits for their comfort...and our arousal! Zafira masturbates Deniska with her agile nude toes. Then Deniska sticks her soles in our direction so we can almost participate too, thanks to a shot so big we're able to study every sweet millimeter of her feet! Then a glass dildo enters the scene and these lovely lesbian fetishists rocket to orgasm., 05/09/2011