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Description: Newcomer Bettina di Capri shows off her fantastic legs in an office setting. She wears white ankle-strap peep toe pumps with a gold lace pattern that are very flattering to her gams, and she sits around filing her nails instead of doing any work. Her colleague Sabby finds her goofing off but with stems like hers, Bettina calls the shots. Soon she has him caressing her shoes and sucking the heels. Then she blows his dick while posing her butt and legs for us in her pantyhose. She gets Sabby to kiss her ass and pussy through the nylon. She jacks his prick with her spiky heels, then Sabby takes off one of her shoes so he can sniff it while she rubs her pantyhosed foot over his meat.Bettina is very limber, and while she rubs his prick with one foot, she twists her other leg around so she can lick her own nylon-covered toes. Then she goes back to sucking Sabby AND her own heels at the same time. This is one truly oral girl! And she encourages Sabby to be oral too, pulling aside her pantyhose crotch so he can lick her hairy pussy. She strokes his rod between her soles while he laps her, then she sits down on his boner while he sucks her perky nipples. In great closeups, we see how drenched her snatch is from his cock. Then they switch positions, lay across the table, and Bettina strokes his dick with her feet. Soon they're fucking again, though, and Sabby plows her doggie style on the table, tugging off her pantyhose so he can fuck her bare soles too. But Bettina gets the upper hand at the end, jacking his cock into one of her shoes, then licking the cream out of the peep toe and letting it slide over her nipples. A nasty foot and leg star is born!, 08/05/2011