Out of the hose, they suck those to

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Description: Dorothy Black (in the black tights) and Carmen Gemini have a lesbian clinch that shows girls need feet as much as guys! The girls lounge around in their cutaway pantyhose and backless heels, then Dorothy takes the initiative and starts licking and worshipping Carmen’s size 6 feet through her animal print tights. Dorothy kneels before Carmen and plays with her pussy, then they switch places and Carmen kisses Dorothy’s butt which shows through the hose. Carmen rubs her feet against Dorothy’s tits, then the ladies start taking down each other’s stretchy hosiery. Soon enough they’re both naked on the couch.Carmen gets to savor Dorothy’s size 7.5 feet as Miss Black slides them against the redhead’s lips. Meanwhile Dorothy licks Carmen’s soles and toes herself. Carmen caresses Dorothy’s pierced pussy with her toes, then they shift positions and Dorothy sucks deeply on one of Carmen’s big toes. A glass dildo enters the scene and Carmen crams it into Dorothy’s snatch while she licks the nearby toes. We get some nice shots of Carmen’s wrinkled soles over the shag carpet while she’s fucking Dorothy with the toy! Carmen lays down on the floor underneath Dorothy, and holds the dildo in her feet and boffs Dorothy while Miss Black sucks one of her own feet. The girls press their soles together, then double up on the glass double-headed dong. It all ends in a sweet kiss as the girls snuggle on the couch and wind down from their orgasms in each other’s arms., 12/12/2011