Top-Heavy Lesbian Chow-Down!

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Description: It’s funny that when you read the interviews for brunette Nanny and blond Pamela M. on the site, you discover that Nanny’s favorite food is peas, and Pamela’s is cheese. It’s almost as if the color of the chemises they wear in this scene was inspired by their food choices! Pamela wears a cheddar-colored chemise and Nanny’s could certainly remind someone of peas. But instead of food, they “chow down” on each other in their top-heavy lesbian clinch. Feeling each other up as they kiss, their hands slide across their boobage and then down underneath their thongs. Nanny gets Pamela on her back first and she goes to work both on those nipples and on Pam’s pussy. Then the girls rub their bare tits together and it’s Pam’s turn for some nipple inhalation. She also gets underneath Nanny to lap her pussy, as our DDF cameras come in close to cover the action.Nanny says in her interview that she likes girls who are a similar type to her, and so she must be happy with Pam. Both are curvy and fully-packed, with Nanny boasting 38Ds and Pam 34Cs. Nanny gets between Pam’s thighs and rubs her nipples over her friend’s snatch, then Pam returns the favor by licking Nanny’s nookie. She comes up and kisses Nanny too, while their nips rub back and forth together. Then they crouch on the couch and remove their chemises, and Pamela gets behind Nanny to squeeze and play with her floppers. A few moments later Pamela stands up and Nanny peels down her thong in a stunning shot that lets us see Pamela’s sexy shaved slit, which looks so inviting between her upper thighs. Then it’s time for some oil, and the ladies slicken their bodies and enjoy all their delectable parts. There’s a whole lotta kissing and pussy licking to brighten your computer screen in high resolution pix and Full HD video!, 05/29/2012